Welcome to Eat & Drink with Sil! 

Hi, I’m Silvia or Sil as my close friends and family would call me. You the reader, yes YOU I want you to feel connected with me just as a close friend would! “Eat & Drink With Sil” did I mention this is a FOOD blog, hence the name.

I’m just a girl who loves food and her occasional fruity cocktails and bold red wines. The reason why I love food is quite simple, I grew up with my parents in South Florida who were always in the kitchen. My mom was a cook at a restaurant at some point in her life and shared her cooking skills with me often. I noticed from a very young age that where there was food there were friends and family always around, and that was my happy place. I love to be around the people I love most, our best memories often are with those we truly care for. I love to entertain and no I’m not talking about karaoke singing or telling jokes at a stand up although I’m guilty of those… I’m talking about cooking at home, maybe serve some pasta with grilled veggies, or preparing an antipasto platter that consist of different varieties of cheeses with a well-paired bottle of wine. The smile and laughter of those savoring my food and sharing a meal is as great as it gets for me!

From this blog, expect to read about my food experiences from home cooking to dining out at my favorite local spots,  or even exploring a totally new restaurant or bar.
Follow me and let’s find something delicious to eat and drink together. Cheers!